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In Search of the True Terebinthina

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Terebinthina was first introduced to homoeopathy by C.G.C. Hartlaub and C.F.Trinks who published the proving in their Annalen 3 in 1832 (S. 118-126). This publication was mostly a compilation of symptoms found by Seidl and Woost and others, and is named Terpentinöl, without any further indication about its origen.

We have 3 sources where we find lists of the provings of Terebinthina.

Bradford T.L.
Index to homeopathic provings.Philadelphia 1901.

Donner F.
Quellenverzeichnis del Arzneimittelprüfungen von 800 del wichtigsten homöopatische Arzneimittel (Register of sources of 800 of the most important homoeopathic remedies). Berlin n.n.

Stübler M, Krug E.
Leesers Lehrbuch der Homöopathie. Band III: Pflanzliche Arzneistoffe I (Leesers textbook on homoeopathy, vol. III, herbal drugs I). Heidelberg 1987.

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Bradford gathers all the provings under the titel of "Terebinthina, Oleum Terebinthinae, Terebinthinae laricina, Terebinthinae Venata, Esencia de trementina, Trementina de Venecia".
This may be in accordance with the old literature of Hahnemann and Hartmann, but we don't know if all the provings were really done with this Larch turpentine oil, and should be proven by further

Leesers, on the other hand in his textbook, describes the turpentine oil obtained by distillation from all the different species of Pines.

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